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22 March 2017

Hello you beautiful people,

If you've had a stalk of my blog (let's be honest, you probably haven't) you would have ready my beauty wish list post - Click here to read. On that post I mentioned that I wanted some Certifeye cosmetic glitters. I eventually bought them, 3 of them to be precise, in Rose Gold, Grey and Chocolate. Then, a few months later, I finally purchased some Certifeye false eyelashes in Calypso.

Back to the old, happy me.

15 March 2017


So a few months ago I split up with my boyfriend (don't be sad for me, I'm better off without him, you'll find out). We were together two years and you've probably read about him in some of my previous posts. How I thought he was amazing and he got me to come out of my shell and try new things, love of my life and all that jazz.. urm yeah, about that...

Either way, this is not a blog post to rant about him and slag him off to the ground because I'm not going to do that and it's not to try and get attention, actually why am I justifying myself? Oh yeah, because its 2017 and this generation are so judgmental and spiteful. This is a blog post to show how much better off I have been without him. And if he is reading this right now, I hope you regret every decision you made.

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