Five things to be grateful for

5 March 2017

Today is a happy post even though I haven't been happy in myself recently but I am trying to rebuild and look up so today I am going to appreciate all the five things there are to love and be grateful for in life. If you have any other suggestions feel free to share the love in the comments.


ONE - Family
My family mean everything to me, they are my rock. No matter how bad things get for any of us, we're always there to pick each other up. That's what families are for and I am so grateful for the one I was brought into. They make me happy in the darkest times.

TWO - Home
I am grateful to have a roof over my head and a bed to sleep in. There are people a lot less fortunate than us with homes and we should appreciate the fact that we have a home, a warm bed, a TV and obviously a kitchen (FOOD). Ok, my house may not be perfect but it's my home and that's all that matters.

THREE - Friends
Now, this is a difficult one because I have always struggled with making/maintaining friendships. Although there are a few, only a handful, of friends that I am super grateful for. They have stuck by me through everything and they welcome me back into their lives with open arms even though I don't always deserve it.

Ok, the next one is just a bit of fun...

FOUR - Pizza
This needs no explanation, I am just grateful for Pizza.

and serious again...

FIVE - Disney films (obvs)
As you may have read, I love Disney. Disney is my whole childhood. It reminds me of my dad and when we used to go as a family, so when I watch my Disney films it takes me back to when life was good and happy! I am just grateful I get to relive my memories with my dad.

Who's with me?  


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