Certifeye Review

22 March 2017

Hello you beautiful people,

If you've had a stalk of my blog (let's be honest, you probably haven't) you would have ready my beauty wish list post - Click here to read. On that post I mentioned that I wanted some Certifeye cosmetic glitters. I eventually bought them, 3 of them to be precise, in Rose Gold, Grey and Chocolate. Then, a few months later, I finally purchased some Certifeye false eyelashes in Calypso.

Rose Gold - 10/10
This colour is perfect for a subtle smokey eye (subtle? there's nothing subtle about glitter) or a standard gold smokey eye. You can build up the glitter to really stand out or just give the lighter part of your eye shadow a little sparkle. It's a beautiful colour and 100% my favourite out of the 3.

Grey - 8/10
I have only used this colour a couple of times and I'm still very weary. Unlike the rose gold, the grey is more difficult to just add a slight twinkle its more of a bold statement glitter. It goes really well on a dark cut crease!

Chocolate - 6/10
I have given this one a 6 out of 10 because its very hard to try and use a dark glitter on your eyes. Because it's so dark, it's a lot less in your face than the other two. I used this colour when I went to a zoo party on a night out. I went as a leopard (obvs, I'm a girl) and used the rose gold and chocolate colour to create a leopard print on my chest and it looked pretty decent. Just trying to find a way to use it on my eyes! I will get there and will update you all when I've done it.

Calypso Eyelashes - 10/10
What a gorgeous set of eyelashes. I cannot get enough of these, I wear them everywhere I possibly can. If you haven't purchased or even looked at any of their false eyelashes yet, I strongly recommend you doing so! They're so soft and natural, and they come wrapped up in a cute little box. One of my BEST beauty buys.

Overall - 
I will 200% be buying from Certifeye again. Whether its false eyelashes or more glitter. They also do some stunning brushes and now a brand new eye shadow palette I have my eyes on (roll on payday). If you fancy taking a look at some of their items and maybe making a little purchase here is the link - certifeye.co.uk - They're items are so affordable and I can't wait to buy more.

Speak to you soon xoxox

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