Back to the old, happy me.

15 March 2017


So a few months ago I split up with my boyfriend (don't be sad for me, I'm better off without him, you'll find out). We were together two years and you've probably read about him in some of my previous posts. How I thought he was amazing and he got me to come out of my shell and try new things, love of my life and all that jazz.. urm yeah, about that...

Either way, this is not a blog post to rant about him and slag him off to the ground because I'm not going to do that and it's not to try and get attention, actually why am I justifying myself? Oh yeah, because its 2017 and this generation are so judgmental and spiteful. This is a blog post to show how much better off I have been without him. And if he is reading this right now, I hope you regret every decision you made.

We broke up end of November/beginning of December last year. When we were together my mental health got a lot worse with being made to feel like every argument or bicker was my fault. I was finally put on anti-depressants after months of being told I needed help or I had issues, he shouldn't have to put up with it and blah blah blah. However, I haven't taken my tablets for over 3 months now and I am getting back to being the old me I was before I met him. I haven't felt this happy in myself in over 2 years and there is no better feeling than being happy with who you are.

When we were together I used to sit indoors every evening, waiting for him to come home. I had hardly any friends, I had my mum, that was all. Now not being with him I am actually invited places, I go out all the time. I mean, I'm so busy when people ask me to do something I actually have to check my calendar to see if I'm free.. HA! The only down side is I'm constantly poor. (why can't money grow on tree's?)

So everyone gets comfortable in a relationship right? I got too comfortable, gained weight and wouldn't do anything about it. With a few too many joke comments from him, that I started to believe what he was saying, it got to the point where I actually got a little upset looking at myself in the mirror in my underwear.. no one should be made to feel like that! Now I'm on slimming world and in 5 weeks I've lost half a stone (patting myself on the back right now). I can actually see that I've lost weight, and I can stand and look at myself in the mirror now without feeling sick or getting upset. And that is a feeling I never want to loose. Body confidence is the way forward!

I just wanted to do a shout out to my ex to say thank you for giving me the chance to find the happiness within myself that you made me loose and I will never let anyone do that to me again. Thank you for showing me what it is like to hit rock bottom. Thank you for showing me what signs to look for in case anyone does try to make me feel this way again. And finally a massive thank you for showing me what love isn't and letting me fall in love with someone all over again.

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  1. Yes!!! I love this you sassy lil thing, you're only young once and it's only the things you don't do that you regret 🌸 This is such a lovely post and I wish you all the happiness in the world...also, you're blog is hella cute!
    Clo x



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