My Budget Pamper Routine

12 February 2017

It's me again, and today I want to tell you all about my pamper routine, the products and how to keep it to a budget.

So I started my self care routine after having a really dark few months I wanted to become me again. A few weeks back I published a post on 'Ways I am going to practice self care' which can be found here - On that post I said I was going to start pampering myself and it's so nice to take care of yourself for once.

So I started with what days I wanted to focus on myself and I chose Sunday's and Wednesday's, nothing better than pampering myself on a lazy Sunday and hump day Wednesday to get ready for the weekend. I also make sure that I am scheduled in to wash my hair on these two days (not that I don't wash my hair on other days, because I do, guys).

I'll start my pamper routine by applying a face mask. I get my face masks from Superdrug, they're super cheap, about 99p each, and really good for my sensitive skin. I use the De-Stressing Mud Mask, which contains Aloe Vera. This helps with wound healing and it's also an anti-inflammatory. One applied I leave it to dry, maybe 10-20 minutes.

After the face mask dries, I jump in the shower and wash it off and then wash my hair. This is why I make sure I need to wash my hair on these days because it's so hard to try and wash stuff off your face whilst trying to not get your hair wet.

Whilst I am having a shower I use my Buddy Coffee Scrub which I finally managed to get my hands on after ages of looking. I got this for £9.99 in TK Maxx and it is just beautiful. I do nothing but stroke my face after I've used this stuff, and my spots cleared up after 1 use. My eczema hasn't flared up on my face either which is an added bonus.

After my shower, I'll give my self a mini facial using Boots own Cleansing lotion and facial toner. I apply the lotion with my Topshop cleansing pads which were £4.99. I then use cotton pads to wipe the lotion off and apply my toner. These Boots essential items were about 2 for £5 or something. It was a while ago I bought them.

Hope this has been helpful. Speak to you soon xoxo

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