2017 So Far..

3 February 2017

Hello all, I know I haven't posted very frequently recently but I thought I'd update you all on 2017 so far as I've done a few things and booked some stuff all in one month that I really want to shout from the rooftops!

2017 SO FAR

So on the 2nd January - Brighton
What better way to start the new year than doing something I am so proud of! Me and 3 pals went to Brighton for the day and spontaneously brought a £15 wristband on the pier for unlimited rides. Becky and I wanted to do the tall one that hangs over the sea. WE DID IT. I'm even more proud because we had to balance out the carriage and sit back to back so were weren't even next to eachother.. I decided to face the sea, worst mistake I've ever made.

Next up - Creams
I had my first ever Creams in January, and I'm so upset I hadn't gone before. I have never really been a desert person, more of a chocolate fan than anything. I had Waffle-Au-Nutella with freshly sliced Strawberries and oh my god, it was to die for.

The next four days were one after the other in one weekend and its made my 2017 so far.

Friday - Night out and new hair
I arranged to go out with one friend on a night out to a zoo party where I live, my first single night out and I was going to make the most of it. Suddenly a group chat was made and someone had bought a booth for us on the 'Kabuki' floor, which is the best floor. I HAD THE BEST SINGLE NIGHT OUT EVER! I had no one to worry about me, I could do what I wanted, when I wanted, it was amazing.

I also finally got the undercut I always wanted. I didn't tell anyone I wanted it done because it's not everyone's cup of tea but as soon as I got my mum's approval I was off to the barbers...

Saturday - London
So, hungover from the Friday night, i got up at 8am to go up to London with my mum and sister as I had won tickets for Britain's Got Talent auditions on Applause Store.. we didn't end up going. Instead, we just went shopping. We went to China Town on Chinese New Year and all the music and the dancing dragons were going around it was crazy! Finally got to go to Oxford Street and into M&M World (yes, I've never been to M&M world, and it turns out I am a violet M&M and can charm the pants off of one, according to the scanner). Bought new MAC lippy too which I will review in the near future as its fabbbb. Watch this space.

Sunday - Ibiza
So, we rounded up the girls and went to Lakeside and we finally booked IBIZA. I've always been adamant I wouldn't go on a girls holiday but hey, I'm single and here come the guuurrrllls. 1 week in September with the girls at IBIZA ROCKS. Zoo Project, boat parties, Craig David's pool party at our hotel the day after we land, buzzzing. #ibizaaintready

Monday - Slimming world
So after booking Ibiza, I knew I had to get my beach body ready. So, I've started Slimming World as I've heard so many good things about it and I'll keep you updated! My body is now a temple. 

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