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25 January 2017

IT'S 2017, new year new tag!

The rules
1. Thank the person who tagged you..
2. Write your goals for the next year..
3. Write how you're going to achieve them..
4. Tag five blogger friends..
and finally
5. In 365 days, if you wish, write another follow-up post to see if you've achieved your goals!

Firstly, I would like to thank my good blogger friend Larice for tagging me in this, I am going to have so much fun with this!! - she's here.

So, you ask, what are my goals for the next 365 days?

This time next year...
I will use a wider variety of colours for my eye make-up!
To achieve this I will experiment with different colours, styles and techniques to see what best suits my eye colour and shape. (I just do the normal gold smokey eye I've perfected at the moment)

This time next year...
I will have a whole new style!
After splitting up with my boyfriend last year I really want to start being a whole new me! So to achieve this I will try my hardest not to care what people say or think and really try to be more body confident in different styles, colours and accessories. (really crushing on fishnets under things at the moment but scared about being able to pull it off)

This time next year...
I will be happy!
To achieve this I will keep working on my self-care routine (not really a routine at the moment just procrastinating about it) but it will be come a part of my daily/weekly routine! I will also stop caring what people think of me and just focus on myself.

This time next year...
I will have my biggest tattoo yet!
To achieve this I will (try) to save the money to get the large thigh tattoo, or sternum tattoo I want. I will also need to find a tattooist I trust to pull it off nicely which is a hard job!

I am tagging -
Emm -
Shannon -
Lasma -
Elly -
Chloe -

Have fun ladies, I have!

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