1st January Make-Up of the Day.

2 January 2017

Hey girls, or boys, today's blog post is a beauty one and I'm sure you're going to love it as much as I love doing my make-up.

I am going to be writing my Make-Up of the Day for the 1st January 2017, also known as New Years Day, and I will be providing details on all my products!!! I hope you all had a great, drunken and fun night on New Years Eve and saw 2017 in without your head in a toilet!!

Anyway, lets get straight down to it.. starting with a bare, fresh and ugly potato face ready to be painted..

I apologize, sincerely, for the nightmares this image may give you.

So I start with my Bare Minerals Prime Time original primer and just spread that on my face before everything I am going to pile on my face. 

Secondly I will conceal my shopping bags and spots using the Benefit Life's Little Corrector concealer, I have previously reviewed this and it can be read here.

I will then apply foundation, Bare Minerals Bare Skin with one of my Niko Brushes my darling sister got me for Christmas, which are absolutely fabulous. 

Next, I will use one of my two Contour Cosmetics pallets to chisel my cheek bones which is really hard to do with a fat face, trust me. To apply the cream contour I will use my smaller Niko Brushes then larger ones to blend. 

I then apply some Collection 2000 Sheer Loose Powder to "bake" on my enhanced facial features (cheek bones, chin, forehead). I apply the powder with a beauty blending sponge, leave it for a few minutes then brush off with one of my Bare Minerals brushes. And just add an extra bit of Collection 2000 bronzer to the chiseled areas. 

I completed the face and set it all down with some Bare Minerals Mineral Veil with a big bushy brush. 

Who wants a sneak peak of the final product? Ok...

This may not cause as many nightmares, you're welcome. 
After completing my face I will go straight to my brows. I use Benefit KaBrow in shade 4 and apply this with an angled eye shadow brush, although the KaBrow does come with its own small angled brush. Then the Benefit Ready, Set, Brow setting gel. I review both of these products in a separate blog post accessible here.

I will then define my brows further by using some sort of concealer and a small eye shadow application brush. To get rid of the excess concealer with a mini blending sponge. 

Then on to my shadow.. and this is the part I am so excited to explain to you guys because I have just received brand new products and I am in love already...

Ok, so today I thought I'd go pretty simple with my eye shadow. I based my eyelids with my Natural Collection brown eye shadow and I then put a small area of a golden eye shadow in the middle of my eyelid from my W7 Toasted pallet. 

Now my favourite part.. on boxing day I ordered 3 cosmetic glitters from Certifeye (Rose Gold, Chocolate and Grey), you may have seen me mention these on my Beauty wishlist and they arrived on New Years Eve, So I had to try them. So what I done was apply the glue I also purchased with them and then using a small eye shadow application brush i dabbed the Rose Gold cosmetic glitter over the glue and.. I can't explain my love for this product, so easy to use!! 

I then apply my eyeliner pen, Collection 2000 Extreme 24 hour felt tip liner, and stick my fake eyelashes, Eye Candy, to the eyeliner line. I will make the falsies look a bit more natural by applying some of my mascara, today I used my Bare Minerals Lash Domination. 

Completing the look with some black pencil eyeliner on my bottom waterline, Barry M Kohl Liner, and my Mac Extra Dimension Skin finish in Beaming Blush. 

and here is the finished look...
bit annoyed I didn't put lipstick on for this.. oh well. 

If you have an questions, tips or advice please let me know in the comments. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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