10 Ways I Will Practice Self Care This Year

6 January 2017

Have you ever felt that you need to care about yourself more? I have. I've been hurt a lot recently and completely destroyed as a person so this year I'm going to be all about me. I've always cared about other people more than they have cared about me, but no more. (Well obviously I'll still care about people, I'm only human, but not as much).

So today I am going to tell you 10 ways I will practice self care/self improvement this year... hopefully.

1. Read more
I want to read at least 1 chapter of a book a day, preferably before bed. I enjoy reading but I have lost all motivation in the last few months since I read The Fault in our Stars. 

2. Walks
I would like to try going on more walks, even if it's just walking my dog, or getting some fresh air round the block. Apparently going on walking or exercise is really good for MH.

3. More water
I'm awful at drinking enough water. I should drink more with the amount of bladder infections I've had but I just can't get enough of the fizzzzzies. This will change, I am going to drink more water and keep myself hydrated and happy.

4. Healthier eating
I just love food. I must say each time I have tried to eat healthy I have felt a lot better and energetic, physically, whereas after eating so much junk food I feel so bloated and uncomfortable. I feel as if it's a good idea at the time, but after eating a whole pizza, a massive chocolate bar and 4 packets of crisps, I regret every decision I made.

5. Blog more
2017 is going to be the year for my blog. I am going to knuckle down and really work hard on it to make it something I'm proud of (not that I'm not proud of it so far). I just really want it to start picking up, I may even try vlogging to see if that helps.

6. Take more photos
I don't take many photos, but I want to start making more memories with people who actually care about me. I want to go on random days out and make sure I capture the day so I have the memories to look back on and not regret a thing.

7. Mini Pamper Sessions
At least once a week I want to pamper myself, face mask, cucumber, mini facials. Hopefully that will get rid of all my spots and outbreaks.

8. Use more smelly candles 
So I have my oil burner I got from Pick n Melt and I want to use this more with various scents. I will get round to subscribing to them to get new scents every month so I can keep my room smelling calm and relaxing. Especially for when I do my mini pamper sessions.

9. Turn my phone off
I am going to, hopefully, turn my phone off for a couple of hours for a few days a week. Haven't really thought about this one as much as the others as I love being on my phone like any normal person. But social media can be the bane of my life and I could do a few hours without it, perhaps when I'm out on a walk or doing my pamper sessions or reading.

10. Happy Box
Ok, this one I am most excited about and you're all going to love this. After pay day I am going to buy some craft bits and make myself a 'happy box' filled with compliments (maybe written by other people), motivational and sassy quotes. The box will be there for when I have a bad day I can pick one piece of paper out with something written on it as a bit of a pick me up and will, hopefully, make my day better. Let's be honest, sassy quotes are the best! 

I will give you all quarterly updates on how it's going and if it's helping. 

What will you do to practice self care this year? - let me know in the comments.

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  1. Reading is definitely one of the ways that I practice self care! Hope that 2017 is good to you xxx


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