Blogmas #8 - My Tattoos, When and Why?

8 December 2016

Hello all, hope you're enjoying Blogmas and you're all keeping up to date!

Today I wanted to share my tattoos with you just as a gap filler on Blogmas and everyone loves a good tattoo, lets be honest.

My Tattoo's When, Where and why? Blogmas #8

Where it all began - My first tattoo...
I got my first tattoo at 16 after I lost my dad. This tattoo is the one that means the most to me (obvs) and its a pretty girly tattoo to represent a man because my dad was a bit too in touch with his feminine side. Its Disney related, Mickey hands in a Love heart with 'Dad' in Disney font written through the middle and Tinkerbell flying across the top sprinkling her pixie dust. (He always fancied Tinkerbell - the weird man).

Paw Prints - Cala D'Or, Majorca, 2013..

I got this tattoo just because I could at the age of 16. They said they would do it without asking for ID and I just picked something randomly and now I don't particularly like it... oops. It was supposed to represent the two dogs we've had/have. One, Rudi, he was a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and he was our first dog. I've always been scared of dogs (shock, something else I'm scared of) and I loved him. He unfortunately got old and ill and got put down. Now, we have Radley which is the other paw print. He is a Working Cocker Spaniel cross with a Labrador and he is the liveliest 10 year old dog you'll ever meet.

Number three - Believe
Again done in Cala D'Or Majorca in 2014 aged 17. I found this tattoo when I was looking for my first tattoo (before my dad unfortunately passed away). It's a peter Pan tattoo, shock Disney, as it has the second star to the right to Never land on the 'i'.

My FIRST legal tattoo - Roses - aged 18!...
I was scouring pinterest until ungodly hours of the morning looking for tattoo ideas for my first legal tattoo and I found an image I fell in love with  and that was the point I knew that was it. That was what I was getting... and I did. (I won £100 on a £1 scratchcard this day too so I didn't have to pay for it out of my own money.. buzzing)

Number five - My second angel tribute - An angel wing...
So as you may have read 'my experience with MH' post and seen that I have also lost another important person in my life over the last few years, my bestie, he was like my brother and I got a small tribute for him... no words really needed because this one means a lot to me too.

My favourite tattoo - Mandala Lotus Flower...
I'm really upset I had this put on my back because I can't see it and it's really pretty and I love it. The placement, the size, everything is just so perfect, more than what I imagined. Again, done in Cala D'Or in 2015 (yes, I know we go to Majorca a lot).

My other 'I got it because I could' tattoo... in Majorca.
I got this because I had extra Euro's left over and wanted another tattoo after my Lotus Flower so it ended up being this cute little flower. I hate the placement of this tattoo now.. I should've not been a chicken and had it on my foot, where I wanted it in the first place. Oh well I'm sure it will be another great life lesson of mine.

[I also have a wink face the size of a penny on my bum cheek after a drunk game of ring of fire, there will be no photo of this]

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