Blogmas #7 - 10 Things I Love About Christmas

7 December 2016

19 days until Christmas and here is why I love Christmas... Christmas.

1. Roast Dinner
Meat, STUFFING, carrots, peas, pigs in blankets, gravy.. I just love a roast dinner but a roat on Christmas just tastes 1000x better!

2. The Coca-Cola advert
It just begins the countdown to Christmas and really gets me in the Christmas spirit. 

3. Christmas decor
Putting up Christmas decorations is my favourite thing to do! Even though I'm not allowed to do the tree because my mum is anal af about the tree and we aren't allowed to touch it. 

4. Presents
Let's be honest, we're all spoilt at Christmas and love getting Christmas presents.

5. Christmas films
Christmas films are the best thing about Christmas TV. You can read my top 5 Christmas films here.

6. Christmas songs
On the 1st December, Heart radio were doing an hour of Christmas songs and it was a great day to be alive! There will be a post about my favourite Christmas songs in the next few days. Watch this space.

7. Eastenders
Eastenders always has a great. gripping story line at Christmas.

8. Advent Calender's
Just a lovely little treat every morning, how cute. Whoever thought up advent calendars.. you're an angel.

9. Chocolates
I just love having little bowls all around the living room filled with celebrations, roses and quality street. To be honest, I just love chocolate.

10. Cold weather
If you've read my '5 Things I Love about Autumn' post you'll know I prefer the cold weather. I hate being too hot. I'd rather be too cold.

Why do you love Christmas?


  1. The cola advert is the best and you can't beat Christmas songs and movies to feel festive :D

    Lotte |

  2. Advent calendars are great!


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