Blogmas #6 - Blogger appreciation post

6 December 2016

Ok, so I know I said the posts would go normal, Christmas, normal, Christmas etc, BUT I've had a few things going on recently that I haven't had time to keep up with Blogmas (little cry for me, thanks)

Today's post is just an appreciation and love post to all the blogs and bloggers I'm loving right now (not in a sexual way), I mean who doesn't appreciate a little holiday lovin'. 

The lovely girl who inspired me - Hannah 
What an amazing human, she has built an incredible #TalkMH community which has been so successful! I do try to get involved as much as I can but with my shifts I rarely can. But when I do, its so amazing! She has entered herself in the UK Blog Awards under the Health and Social Care categry for all her posts and help with Mental Health. She would really appreciate all the love so please vote here!

Twitter private message Blogger chat - 
I'm part of a Blogger group chat on Twitter and all the girls on there are so amazing. Whenever any of us have any problems that's our go to chat! All of you are amazing and so lovely and helpful! Thank you all for helping me through my issues! Their blogs are just as amazing as they are and here they all are...

Others - 
What a great blog. Whenever she posts I'm always reading it! She's such a lovely person as well, definitely recommend giving her blog a read!

One of my first blogging friends, also a newbie and the lovely Larice has also written a guest post for my blog which can be found here. We was both new to the "blogging scene" and was my first point of contact for an queries I had and she is absolutely smashing her blog! You go girl!!

This girl was an absolute life saver when it came to having a complete blog meltdown! She was so helpful and I luuuurve reading her blog! Constantly has new content and interesting posts! Thank you for not letting me give up Kimberly!

Haven't really known her long but she is always on twitter giving positive comments and making me feel better! What a helpful woman and great, great blog! 

There are so many of you that I have met and I couldn't thank you all enough for being so helpful and not letting me give up even though I've wanted to many times because I feel my blog and its content just aren't good enough. If you haven't already please check out their blogs and remember to VOTE for Hannah in the UK blog awards! 

Hope you've alll enjoyed my Blogger Appreciation post! I feel like I've spread some holiday love now I can sleep easy in my bed. 

ps. I'm only doing 12 days of blogmas now... sorry, not sorry. 



  1. Awh you are an absolute babe! So glad I came across your blog and twitter. Here's to newbie bloggers and the friends you make online. Love, Larice

  2. Thanks for the mention, Courteney! You're such a darling xo

    - Chloe


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