Blogmas #4 - My top 5 Christmas Films

4 December 2016

Morning again, Blogmas post number 4 is here and its... 
 My Top 5 Christmas Films Blogmas #4

My top 5 Christmas films are as follows..

1. Arthur Christmas - best modern version of Christmas film ever, funny, happy, and full of Christmas spirit all in one! My favourite one by far!

2. The Polar Express - shock it has Tom Hanks in it so I'm ought to love it. It's just such a classic Christmas film and really teaches kids to believe in Santa which I think is such a big part of everyone's childhood.

3. Elf - Its just a classic isn't it, let's be honest, Will Ferrell is great.

4. The Santa Clause 2 - This is my favourite out of all the Santa Clause movies. Its funny and Tim Allen plays Santa Clause great! Good family Christmas film!

5. The Grinch - The Grinch actually scares me. His long hairy fingers cringe me out and he actually really freaks me out. So this one is my least favourite Christmas film. I avoid it at all costs!

Blogmas is getting well underway now! Stay tuned...

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  1. The polar express is defo one of my faves too :)

    Lotte |


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