Blogmas #3 - My Famous Dinner Party

3 December 2016


I'm getting a hang of these blogmas posts and I've decided I'll do every other day Christmas posts and the other days normal posts, sound good? lets go..

My Famous Dinner Party Blogmas #3

So today's post is just a normal one I thought I'd tell you all what famous people I'd have at a dinner party (if I ever had one).

So I'd have...

Actors/Actresses - 
Tom Hanks. 100%. Best man in the world and my favourite actor. I'l probably cry the day he dies, I love him so much.

Mark Wahlberg. What a man. Great actor and such a funny guy.

Margot Robbie. She is just, wow. No words can describe how much I fancy this woman, she's beautiful.

Someone dead - 
Robin Williams. This man was such an inspiration and so courageous battling his MH the way he did. I'd love to meet him and just sit down and have a conversation with him, I bet hes full of knowledge.

Singers - 
Jess Glynne. I have such a girl crush on this woman, one of the best looking red headed people around. Plus her music is amaaazing and she was incredible live at V fest! 

Stormzy. I never really liked grime music but when I saw Stormzy at V fest I loved it! Grime music is like my guilty pleasure.

Eminem. I've always loved Eminem, Slim Shady, Marshall Mather's, he's such a talented guy and I'd recon he'd bring great entertainment to a dinner party.

Joel Dommett. After seeing Joel in the jungle on I'm a Celeb I've fallen in love. He's one of these people that can make you laugh no matter what he says, I literally haven't stopped laughing since he first came on!! I love you Joel.

I could have so many more but the list could go on for a long, long time so I narrowed it down to these.

Who would you have at a dinner party? 

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