1 December 2016


Today's post is all about THE sale. The sale that everyone loves. The sale that people in America go craaay for... its the

Black Friday SALES

I know this post isn't Christmas related but I wanted to tell you all about what I treated myself to because I am such a nice person to myself and deserve the world. (Plus Black Friday fell on payday... oops, I'm poor).

MAC Lip Liner in 'Edge to Edge'
I love my previous MAC lip liner Spice with my Velvet Teddy lippy, I fancied growing my collection and bought another lip liner to go with my new lippy shown below. This lip liner is fabulous. 
MAC Matte Lipstick in 'Mehr'
Absolutely stunning coloured lipstick. MAC always know how to make a matte lipstick so moisturizing and beautiful!

MAC Extra Dimension

Skin Finish in 'Beaming Blush'
I wasn't intending on buying this product until I got to the check out and saw someone else with it. Its so pretty I had to have it. Me me me me please. I'm so glad I bought it because I luuuuurve it.

John Lewis - All three of these for around £40 when they should've been about £60/£70.

Velvet Hollister Off-The-Shoulder Top.
I'm not one for designer gear (unlike my sister who was going to buy an UGG beanie...) but I have this thing for velvet. I wouldn't call it a fetish because that's weird but I do love me some velvet.

Hollister - from £27.90, I got it for £18.70.. buzzing

Unicorn Lashes in 'Aquarelle'
Ok, so if you read my Beauty wish list I wanted some Unicorn Lashes and they had a 50% off promotion for Black Friday and I just had too (sorry mum) These were my next favourite style so it was a must.

Unicorn Lashes - from £17.99 down to £9 (BARGAIN)

Hope you like knowing what I bought you nosey people...

love ya's xxxxx

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  1. Those lashes are soo cute I've had my eyes on them for a while!

    Lovely post!


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