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28 December 2016

Hey guys and girls,

I have slacked so much recently with my blog posts been going through some tough stuff in my private life but I am on the mend.. finally.  So I thought I'd bless you all with a brand new blog post which is very apt for this time of year. I have done a lot of things in 2016 that I am proud of and just some that I want to share with you all anyway because my life is... urm, ok-ish.

January - Nothing.
Nothing of any significance really happened, I was recovering from New Years Eve for the whole of January.

February - Got my hair chopped.
I had long hair, like past mt boob, and it was so damaged I had to have it cut. So, I booked myself in a hairdressers appointment and just said to her 'just take off whatever needs to go' and she did...

March - My Sister turned 21.
My skin and blister is now twenty-one, she still can't jump and farts or wee's when she sneezes. 

April - I gave blood for the first time.
I finally gave blood and it was the most amazing feeling I've ever experienced. I love knowing I'm hopefully going to help someone live. 

May - The best colouring book.
I have a thing for these adult colouring books and when I found the swear word one, I couldn't help myself. It's one of the best things I've ever invested in, without a doubt.

June - Holiday without mum and drove a GTR
So I went on my first holiday without my mum where I absolutely destroyed some of my fears (this can be read here) After this holiday I drove my dream car round a race track, nearly wee'd when I put my foot down.

July - Lake District
I was taken to the Lake District (Lake Windemere to be exact) as a surprise weekend away for my 20th birthday. I wrote all about it here..

August - Go Ape
I did a lot in August and I have a post dedicated to all of my August activities which can be found here. I also, finally, accomplished Go Ape which was so much fun! (I have a Go Ape post here)

September - Selasi
I met my favourite Great British Bake Off Baker, Selasi, in September at a random pub near where I live.. best. day. ever.

October - Italian Party
We hosted a themed party, an Italian party, and it was great! Lemon-cello shots flowing at 6:30pm.

November - First Twitter Chat
I finally started my own Twitter chat #CourtWritesChat, I did a few sessions and it's stopped for a while now but it will be back and it will be big.. watch this space.

December - New dressing table.
I have wanted a dressing table for a while now and few things happened in December which meant I could finally get one and its just beautiful. I have my own make-up station, yay me! 

(I don't have a photo of this yet...)

I shall be posting everything I got for Christmas on my blog soon too as its all so beautiful I think you all deserve to see how spoilt I was.. by myself! I've missed writing blog posts and I've missed all you lovely people. I hope I've made a good comeback and I get myself better and writing a lot more soon!

Thank you my babies.

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