12 Days of Blogmas Round-up

15 December 2016

I thought I'd do a round up of all my Blogmas posts so you can find them all in one place because I'm helpful like that.

Day one - Black Friday Sales

Days two - The Christmas Tag

Day three - My Famous Dinner Party

Day four - My Top 5 Christmas Films

Day five - My Favourite Quote

Day six - Blogger Appreciation Post

Day seven - 10 Things I Love About Christmas

Day eight - My Tattoo's, When and Why?

Day nine - Top 10 Christmas Songs

Day ten - 2017 Bucket List

Day eleven - An Open Letter to a Younger Me

Day twelve - Pick n Melt Review

I had so much fun doing Blogmas this year, I hope you all liked it as much as I did. Have a lovely Christmas and great new year if we don't speak before then xxxx

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