Versatile Blogger Award

17 November 2016

Hello people,

So I have been nominated for another award which is crazy being a newbie blogger...

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by the lovely Chloe and her blog 'chloetommo' can be found here. From what I read you just have to write 7 facts about yourself and already having two posts with facts about me

I found this one really difficult, but I managed.

1. I talk about poo, a lot. A lot more than is humanly necessary.

2. I have 8 tattoos including a wink face on my bum after a drunken game of Ring of Fire. Also, I got my first one at the age of 16 (rebel).

3. I first tried a fried egg 1n 2015 whilst on holiday in Mallorca and now I LOVE FRIED EGG.

4. A lot of people are against bra's but I don't go anywhere without one... which may upset people but I like my boobs supported.

5. I love magicians. They amaze me.

6. I can name 140+ countries in the world out of 196.

7. I can't handle my alcohol as you can see by reading my most embarrassing story post...

I hope you all like getting to know a bit more about the human behind this weird blog.

These are the people I am going to nominate! 

and RhiannonJane -  

Good luck girls xxxxx

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