The Fault in our Stars - Book vs. Film.

13 November 2016

Hello, me again (I mean, who else would it be?)

I have recently read the book, The Fault in our Stars, and watched the film and I am going to be doing a comparison of the book to the film.

The Fault in our Stars Book vs Film

I'll give you the low down first *spoiler*

A girl called Hazel was diagnosed at age 13 with Stage 4 Thyroid cancer that had spread to her lungs and it's terminal. At the age of 16/17 her mum thinks she's depressed and sends her to a support group where she meets the soon-to-be love of her life, Augustus Waters and then her life changes forever. He uses his last wish from "the genies" to take her to Amsterdam to meet her favorite author. As usual I wont tell you the ending because that's mean.

My opinion on the book...
Great book, absolutely amazing. Such an easy read as well, I was at the end of the book before I knew it. It's such an emotional roller coaster, one minute I was laughing and the next it was so sad. A lot of people told me I would cry at the end of the book, I didn't cry at all but the bit I was MOST emotional at was when she was in hospital at a younger age with pneumonia and her mum told her it was okay to let go.. (omg I'm welling up now) and that was near the beginning. It was so emotional and when she was happy I was happy. It's an incredible book to read and really makes you put your life into perspective and be grateful for what we have! It's an all round fantastic book.

If you're looking for a heart wrenching, easy read book, stand down your troops because you've found it.

Now for the film...
Again, great film it really brought the book to life. Everything that I was imagining in my head whilst reading the book was portrayed so well in the film, every single chapter. Obviously like all books made into films some things are really different but not with this one. It was a beautiful film, really really beautiful.The film cuts out a few minor parts of the book but after reading the book I knew the other stuff that wasn't in the film which made me super emosh. Definitely a film for a girls night or any soppy boys out there.

It's hard to write a review without giving too much away. But, it's 100% a film and book I'd recommend to anyone! It was amazing and I loved every minute, proper emotional roller-coaster. I was sobbing by the end. I recommend reading the book before watching the film though.

Fancy watching this? - grab the tissues.

Already watched/read this? whats your opinion - comment below.


  1. Oh god this movie had me distraught! Haven't read the book but I'd be interested to see how different it is from the movie!

    Terri x

  2. The book, still to this date, is one of the best books I've ever read. The film, although was still incredibly good, it really didn't live up to the book for me!


  3. i didn't read the book but the film will always be one of my favourites, even though it was so sad i proper enjoyed it

  4. Sounds like a book and film that I'd be interested in watching. I don't really read as much as I should but I'm definitely going to check this out!💕💕💕 xxx

  5. I absolutely loved the film but still haven't read the book!x

  6. I've watched the film but I haven't read the book although, i would love to! x

  7. Loved this book I was a bit late to the trend with this one and kinda already knew the ending! But was still just as effective reading it for myself. Can't bring myself to watch the film and because I have such a short attention span I switch off after like 25 mins

  8. I'm actually not a fan of TFIOS, I found the book and film way too cliche but that's just my opinion haha -- really good review though! <3 Have you read any other books by John Green?

  9. I definitely came away from reading the book thinking about a few things, I started to see that life really was just too short.
    Loved the book and loved the film even more. Great review


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