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7 November 2016

Good'ay all. 

Ok, so I've been bugging my followers on Twitter and Instagram and my friends on Facebook to send me questions they'd like me to answer, didn't get many responses as it's my first Q&A post, but here goes.

Questions & Answers

Questions from the bestie Chloe -She doesn't have a blog...hoe.
1. If your fears/anxiety didn't get in the way whats the one thing you would like to conquer in your life? - I know it sounds silly but it would be a really big thing for me to travel to LDN and on the tubes by myself.

2. What 3 things would you like to say you've done by the time you're 25? - I would like to visit Auschwitz, also go to Prague and Amsterdam.

Questions from Jay - you can find her blog 'Blissful Beauty Bird' here.
1. How old am I? - 20 years old 4 months ago and I'm still getting used to being so old.

2. Whats you're favourite ice-cream flavour? - I'm very fussy when it comes to desserts, I'm not a dessert person at all but if I had to choose it would be chocolate ice-cream.

3. Where would you like to travel? - I would love to travel to Norway, Iceland and the Fjords.

Questions from Shannon - You can find her blog 'Pink lemonade and paperbacks' here.
1. Whats you're favourite thing about blogging? - The community is incredible, everyone is so lovely and welcoming.

2. Who inspired you to start blogging? - A friend from school has a blog that I had read for a while and I thought about doing it for myself to help with my MH (which is has). Her name is Hannah and her blog is called 'Little Thoughts' which you can access here

3. Whats you're favourite TV show? - Friends. I cannot get enough of this show. I got the box set for Christmas one year and never watched them but I'm always on Comedy Central watching it.

Question from Sophie - you can find her blog 'Planet Whispers' here.
1. What made you start blogging? - I thought it would be a good way to take my mind off a lot of things and keep me busy! It's kind of addictive now! 

Question from Amy - She has no blog either... 
1. What did you want to be when you grew up? - I'm going to say a snowboarder because I was a little bit of a tomboy and i enjoyed playing a snow boarding game on the old PS2. 

I hope you all enjoyed getting to know me better and if you have any further questions do not hesitate to comment below and I will answer. 

Stay tuned for more!


  1. Loved all your answers! I'm 110% addicted to friends too aha 😂😂


  2. Loved reading your answers, I love these kinds of posts! Your blog is so pretty! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram - tempting Too Faced Gingerbread giveaway!)


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