My Top 5 Pet Peeves.

3 November 2016

I hope you're all ok.

I want to share with you all my top 5 pet peeves because they really bug me. You never know you may even agree with some.

My top five Pet Peeves

1. Speed limits.
It gets on my nerves when people drive 30mph in a nation speed limit zone (60mph) and when it goes down to a 30mph zone they will speed up to 40?!? WHY???

2. Phone.
I work in a call center as my job and it really bothers me when people talk over me and interrupt me. I find it so rude and unnecessary. I have a short fuse and this causes it to burn quicker.

3. Indicators.
Again, another driving pet peeve. I get awful road rage when people don't use their indicators... especially on a motorway and they just drift between lanes. NO, you will cause an accident you inconsiderate twit.

4. Reading and not replying.
For someone with anxiety, reading and not replying to their message get them into a state of worry like they've done something wrong. Why would you do this to someone? Nasty humans.

5. Ignoring texts.
I can't stand it when you text someone and you're waiting for a reply which they are suddenly incapable of but they can send a Snap chat, go on Facebook and Instagram but have the incapability of typing a reply and hitting the send button because, I mean, it is a hard job after all.

Typing these has wound me up so I hope you all enjoy reading! 
Let me know your pet peeves in the comments below!

See you soon xxx


  1. Ignoring texts is my pet peeve too. I also dislike when someone is arrogant and rude to others.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. Hmm my pet peeves are definately people who push when getting off the bus when there are loads of people getting off! Everyone in London is in such a rush and there's nothing worse than someone breathing down your neck and edging forwards haha! Great post - I totally agree with all yours! X

  3. I find the ignoring texts and reading and not replying ones so annoying too! I absolutely hate it, it drives me insane. I don't understand why they can't just reply straight away or at least tell me that they're busy?

    My other pet peeve is slow walkers...especially when I'm in a rush or I'm out in Central London!!

    -Andreia (

  4. I hate when people ignore texts then go on social media thinking you won't notice! So annoying!

    Tiffany X

  5. I have got to agree with all of these, especially the car related ones as my road rage is terrible!

  6. I so agree with these driving pet peeves, people are so dangerous it gives me serious road rage!

    Amy x

  7. YES YES YES to pretty much all of these. I can't stand when people don't reply to messages it drives me crazy! LOVED the post!


  8. People ignoring my texts is definitely one of my pet peeves too! It's just so rude after all!

    Jade x

  9. Agree with all of these, especially the last 2! Hate it when I don't get a reply as it makes me so anxious that I've done/said something :(

  10. Girl, YES! I literally hate the reading my messages and not responding thing. It's so annoying! Like how old are we? Smh. This post literally just spoke all facts. Must repost! xx

  11. Big YES to number 2! Xx

  12. I agree with 4 & 5 ugh! I feel super annoyed at them both because I feel the same thing! I know my mum would hate the driving ones though! I know I do when I'm in the passenger seat.

    Lisa |

  13. Yes, I absolutely can't stand it when people see my messages and don't reply!

    Serena /

  14. Haha I love this post! My top pet peeve is loud eaters!! I can't cope.

  15. Can relate to some of these , great blog x

  16. Speed limits were my pet peeve too and I made the mistake of criminally speeding in a 50mph zone. Oops.

  17. Mine has always been people putting you second best. I have witnessed it so many times. It's worse when they only talk to you when they need you.

  18. I literally have the same driving pet peeves as you. I hate it when the speed limit is 30 and the person in front of me is doing like 24 like what are you doing with your life aha. And people who don't use their indicators give me sooo much rage as well, I get it the worst at roundabouts when people don't bother indicating!!!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog


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