My Christmas List

19 November 2016

Ok, we're suddenly getting closer and closer to Christmas and I know I'm going to start being asked what I want by family etc which is the reason for this post to make it easier and more of a surprise! 

My Christmas List

So obviously I've already made a beauty wish list (that can be found here) which you can get ideas from so do choose wisely, but then there is this list... (by the way I have attached links to the majority of them under the reason why I want it)

And in no particular order (sounded a bit like I was Dermot from X Factor then) - 

1. A Professional Hairdryer 
£30 - £50
I have thin hair but so much of it and it take an absolute year to dry with my mums hairdryer. I think its time I get a proper professional one so it will dry quicker.

2. Scotty T's Book
£5 (Jack's just got this for me, YES)
I love Scotty T. If you are a fan of Geordie Shore you know Scotty T's one liners are excellent. I downloads the sample of his autobiography and I was in stitches. It's written exactly how he speaks and its just great!
Scotty T why-aye - Click here

3. The Good Dinosaur
If you know, then you know.This film is an emotional roller-coaster. One of the best Disney films ever made! 
Available on Amazon - Click here

 4. Huda Beauty Textured Shadow Palette or Huda Beauty Liquid matte in Trendsetter
£53 or £16
Just beautiful. I need them both.
Eye Shadow Palette - Click here
Liquid Matte -Click here

5. Marc Jacobs Watch
£129.99 (in TK Maxx)
I do love a watch, and all of mine are a bit old now, need to spruce up my watches with a brand new Marc Jacobs watch!

6. Pandora Rings 
£35 Infinity & £45 Droplets
Pandora e'rrythang. I already have a 3 quarters full Pandora bracelet, 4 Pandora rings, a necklace and another dainty diamante Pandora bracelet. There are 2 rings that need to join my collection! The infinity one (size 54/56)  for my thumb and the thin one with diamonds (droplets ring) in (size 52) as a stacking ring under one I already have. 
Droplets Ring - Click here
Infinity Ring - Click here

7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit - Ultimate Glow  
I've been looking for a new highlighter for a long time now and these look delightful.
Glow Kit - Click here

8. Anastasia Beverly Hills Single Noir Eye Shadow
Again, I've been looking for a long, long time to get a really pigmented black eye shadow and I found one I've heard very good reviews about.
Noir Eye Shadow - Click here

9. Mac Matte Lipstick - Velvet Teddy
My favourite lipstick has almost come to an end! I need another, someone help!

10. Suicide squad
I only have 2 words for this. Harley Quinn. 
Available on Amazon - Click here

11. Adidas Superstar Originals in all black. 
£48 (JD Junior section size 5.5)
I do love me a pair of trainers. I've always had all white or all grey trainers so I want a change and a pair of all black trainers. 
Trainers - Click here

12. Another Velvet Lounge Suit 
I already have one in like a grey bluey colour and i hardly take it off (unless it needs washing obvs) I just want them in all the colours I can find. I just love velvet. 

13. Unicorn lashes Brush Set
Ok, so in my beauty wishlist I put down 2 set of lashes from a company called Unicorn Lashes.. they now have make up bushes and the handles are UNICORN HORNS, like what could be better.  
Unicorn Brushes - Click here

Look forward to hopefully seeing some of these bits Christmas day!

Until next time my babies


  1. The huda palette is on my list too, it's sooo dreamy!

    Terri x

  2. oohh what a list you have there, hope you get what you want!! xox

  3. That watch is beautiful! Hope you get everything you want lovely xx

  4. The Huda products are definetley on my list too they're gorgeous


  5. I have defintley added a few of these to my list! Great post.
    Robyn //

  6. This is probably list goals hahah!! The velvet teddy lipstick is soooo good I don't have it but I tried my friends and it's really good! Also those pandora rings are cute xx

  7. Ahhhh I love seeing everyone's Christmas lists!! It gives me ideas for my own!! Fantastic list, loving those Pandora rings though.

    Lisa |

  8. The pandora rings are dope! I love this list❤️️

  9. hahaha i love your list. They're all really nice things and I would be happy if I received any of those too! x

  10. Those unicorn brushes are so pretty, I love them :)


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