My 5 Most Favourite Songs.

25 November 2016


Today's post is going to get a little personal and would like to share my top 5 favourite songs with you all.

1. Dance with my Father - Luther Vandorss
This song was the song my dad always told us to play at his funeral, so when it came down to choosing songs for his funeral me and my sister chose this one with no doubt about it. I can no longer listen to this without balling my eyes out, so I only listen to it now when I fancy a big cry. 

2. Dilemma - Nelly ft. Kelly Rowland
One year in Florida, my mum was filming us on the way back to the airport in the car and this was playing the background whilst we was all saying goodbye to Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

3. Ginger - LAX ft. Wizkid
Again another holiday song from when I went to Mallorca with my gal pal Ellie(if you're reading this bye felicia) this reminds me of the schicha bar we was in. Sort of a be there song. 

4.We Own It - 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa
Another really personal song which was played at my best friend's funeral. I was really trying to hold it together until this song came on..the words in it really mean a lot to me. This boy was my ride or die.

5. Coward of the County - Kenny Rogers
My dad showed me this song. See, I love songs that tell stories they're my favourite type of song, like a poem to music. This song is one of them, a really sad story made into a song and it's when my dad told me not to bottle things up (not that I listened... soz dad). 

I hope you really enjoyed my first music post, want more? - tell me in the comments! :)

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