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11 November 2016

Hey Guys, I thought I'd do my first guest post so here goes...

Hello lovely readers of Courteney!

You must be thinking “who on earth is she?!”, well let me explain. A few weeks ago Courteney asked me to write a guest blogpost. At the time I was really busy, but fortunately for me she didn’t mind, so now here I am!

My name is Larice, I’m 18 years old and living in the Netherlands. Currently studying Journalism, I really hope that someday I get to travel the world and maybe even get to write great stories about it. It’s like a dream of mine to travel the world and meet new people.

But let’s talk about blogging, because that’s why you’re reading this and why you are here. Before I started blogging myself I read a lot of them like every other teenage girl I was reading blogposts from Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter, but at some point I found Hannah Michalak. A lovely young, bright woman. Every week I was sitting behind my laptop waiting for a new blogpost to pop up. She has such a lovely way of writing and taking you on a journey, whether it’s about being a mommy or a day out; it is always a pleasure being taken on that little adventure. She truly inspired me to start writing and even write in a way so people felt like going on a journey with me as well.
So at last, this summer I finally decided “okay, I can give this a go, I can start a blog”, bear in mind I have tried blogging 3 times before. It was not a success, let’s make that clear. I never really knew what to blog about or how to talk to my readers, it was all one unknown world to me, I felt like an outsider. But for some reason a switch in my head was turned on and I felt like I was ready to be part of this community.

I try to switch between subjects; one day you will find a beauty related post and other days you will find what it’s like being a student or a list with things to cheer you up. It also depends on the blog ideas I have, of course I will try to make sure it fits with my blog, but it’s always a surprise finding out what I wrote next, but that’s the fun of having a blog, you get to decide!

Anyway, the first few weeks of having a blog were like living on a rainbow. I had a lot of inspiration to write, I definitely had the time to write. But as soon as college started and I got a new job things started to fall apart. I was so frustrated, because I loved writing new blogposts, but planning and me don’t go well together. I did learn my lesson though, so now every day I have off I try my best to write one or multiple posts so I have something ready every week.

Blogging, for me personally, is a way to share my love about multiple things in life and to communicate with a lot of people (which is why I started blogging in English, I get to meet and make friends all over the world!).

Starting a blog has definitely been my best decision in 2016 so far.

If any of you got curious; check out my blog here .
Or find me here:

Thank you, Courteney for letting me write a guest post, it was so much fun, I really enjoyed it!

Love, Larice

Thank you so much to Larice for writing this - for those of you who read this make sure you check out her links and most importantly her BLOG! She writes some great stuff!

I would like to do a guest post every month so if you want to be featured, message me on Twitter or e-mail me at  


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