Why I love Autumn.

21 October 2016

Morning all,

I just wanted to share with you the five reasons why Autumn is my favorite season, lets go.

1. The Colours...
I love the colours of Autumn, they're beautiful. The mixture of oranges, browns and yellows just make me so happy. They all complement each other and make everything look so colourful and bright. I just love them.

2. Halloween...
My favourite time of year falls within my favourite season which makes Autumn just that bit better! Halloween is the best, fancy dress, make-up, chocolate, sweets and parties. (if you don't like Halloween, I don't like you).

3. The cold...
Ok, so my body is weird and I'm always hot, even if it's raining, I'm sweating. Autumn finally comes around and I start to cool down and I prefer going form hot to cold, than cold to hot. It's finally Autumn and I'm not sweating. 

4. Better films on TV...
I don't know why but I feel as if there are always better films on the tele in Autumn. I suppose getting closer to the Christmas period the best films will be coming out (Christmas films) Autumn is just a run up to those. I just feel there are better films on TV this time of year, I mean last week there was a Tom Hanks channel.. best. day. off. ever.

5. Soup... 
I'm not a hot drink lover so I'm not that excited by the Pumpkin spiced latte that comes out in Autumn, I prefer soup. Tomato soup in Autumn is deee-lish, and I love wrapping my cold hands around a warm mug and feel the hot soup run down my throat and warm me up from the inside out. Delightful. 

That's all from me this week folks, I know this is my third blog post this week but work is extremley quiet and I'm bored! 


  1. Autumnal colours are so pretty! I love all the orange and yellow!

  2. I love Autumn for all of these reasons, especially Halloween! Like that is the best day of the year for me! x

  3. found you through bloggerspromohour on twitter! :) i completely agree about the colder weather and soup!

    Aditi | https://lifeasaditi.wordpress.com

  4. I love soup when it gets to autumn and just cuddling up watching seasonal films!!

  5. Halloween is one of my favourite parts of Autumn! I also really love the cold too x

  6. I'm actually a fan of the cooler Autumn weather as well! I really like layering up my clothes and feeling all snug! Thank you for sharing your faves, and I love the autumnal colour scheme too! 🎃

    Abbey ✨ www.abbeylouisarose.co.uk

  7. Autumn tends to be my favorite season for all of the same reasons, colour being top of my list!


  8. Autumn is secretly one of my fave seasons, just the right balance between warm and cool! Got a Autumn wellness post up on my blog if you want to check it out :) https://ywmagazine.co

  9. Oh gosh, I agree with all your reasons. Halloween and the cold being the top ones but the colours being a close second. I am looking forward to so much soup and bread from now until March though :)

    Lisa | www.fairlyrosy.com

  10. omg I am the same, I hate being to hot, I like to be cold and getting warmed up!! Also I am craving tomato soap so much!!!!! ox

  11. Autumn is also my favourite season, I've recently started to love Halloween and all things scary ! And what better feeling than the cold weather coming in and starting to feel closer to Christmas ? Laura x

  12. The colours are amazing! There's no better feeling than walking through the woods, or walking in general, and just seeing all the pretty and colourful leaves from the trees. I'm not much of a soup person though myself, but at my work it seems like EVERYONE is liking that for the cold Autumn weather at the moment! Great post lovely, reminds me of why I love Autumn so much! X

  13. The leaves have finally started to fall! Everything looks so lovely. You're so right about the films too!

  14. I love the colours in this post, Autumn is my fav season!!

    Judy Rudy Beauty 


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