The Girl on the Train Book Review.

18 October 2016

Hey guys and girls, I read another book! One everyone has been going on and on about and I'm here to tell you all what I, personally, thought of the book. 

So if you have read my previous book review for My Sisters Keeper, you would know that this is my 2nd adult book I've read and I must say I'm very hot and cold about this book.

The basics of the story is - 
Rachel is an alcoholic, she lost her job and her husband who was having an affair. She is a lodger at a friends house and to stop her finding out she lost her job Rachel still gets the train every day to London. The train stops at the same point every day where she see's what she things is the perfect couple, she even names them Jess and Jason (weird). However things take a turn for the worst and Megan (Jess) goes missing for weeks and suddenly turns up dead. Rachel tries to figure it out and she gets herself in a messy situation with Megan's husband, Scott (Jason), her ex husband Tom and his new wife Anna. 

I wont give away the ending but that's the moral of the story. 

I had to force myself to read this book about two thirds of the way through It takes a very, VERY long time to get into it. I got very bored after a while. It really doesn't give any clues as to what happened to her until about 5 chapters to the end. It is a good book but if you're panning to read this be prepared to get bored. I am glad I persevered and forced myself to carry on because the end is so intriguing!

I'm not saying don't read it because it is a good book! Just be prepared as it does long the mystery out quite a bit. I mean, this is just my opinion but I have heard the same thing from a few other people who have read this book. 

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