My most embarrasing story.

28 October 2016

Hey all,

I thought I'd give you all a laugh today and share my most embarrassing story with you. I hope you're ready because it's a funny one. What better story starts with alcohol?

My most Embarrassing Story

Ok so, I went to Mallorca in 2015 with my mum, my Nan and Jack. My mum and Jack decided 3pm was beer o'clock so when they had their beer I would have a vodka lemonade and if you've been to Spain you know they don't believe in measurements. So it was like 5 shots of vodka to one drip of lemonade (absolutely vile but hey, it done the trick!). So we were drinking throughout the afternoon, we went to dinner and drunk more with our tapas, after dinner we went to a bar and had a bit more. (I'm surprised I got this far).

So we went back to the apartments (which has 2 bars) and we went up to our apartment and drunk some more. At the outside bar they were doing karaoke so we went down to join them with more booze. (I must have been drunk because I was singing...oh god). After the Karaoke stopped, the receptionist we was all friends with invited us to carry on the part in the inside bar, which I should not have agreed to but I did. My Nan went to bed at this point and me Jack and my mum carried on the party.

I asked my mum to get me a vodka lemonade from the bar and and it came back literally an inch from the top of the glass with vodka and then a bottle of lemonade... (this was only going to end badly). Then the receptionist bought us all shots, I'm pretty sure they were absinthe because they were vile. I do not remember a thing after this point but the lovely humans I was with documented it all for me so that I didn't miss a thing. (How thoughtful).

I passed out, half way through a conversation with someone, on the sofa in the bar and started to make sicky noises. Jack then picked me up but I was a dead weight so someone lent us their parents  PERSONAL mobility scooter (bad move). I sat there with my arms by my side and my head dropped so my chin was touching my chest and jack was holding me up by my shoulders. The drunk receptionist driving this thing back to our apartment in the complex. However, our apartment was up some stairs so we stopped the mobility scooter by the pool and they were figuring out a way to get me up the stairs.

Before I knew it I was throwing up all over this persons mobility scooter and the receptionist was setting my up a bed by the pool on a sun lounger. My Nan heard the commotion from the apartment and came down and started shouting 'Courteney, it's your Nan, GET UP' aah (I was in trouble). The next thing I remember is waking up in the morning being sick in the apartment with no idea how I managed the stairs. It turns out a guy we had met earlier that day took my arms and Jack took my legs and they carried me up the stairs to the apartment and dumped me on the sofa, where I stayed all night.

I did not get out of bed until 6pm the next day, dying with a hangover and shame.

Hope you all had a good laugh.

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