My Beauty Wishlist

25 October 2016

So with Christmas coming up what better way to give people idea's on what you want than my personal Beauty Wishlist?!

Let's do this...

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir... £29
This moisturizer is everywhe
re I look at the moment and I'm desperate to try it out! 

Certifeye glitters in Chamagne and Rose Gold with glue... £14.50 all together
I've been looking at getting these for a while now! SO pigmented and pretty!

Unicorn lashes in Majestic af or Rainbow wings... £19.99 & £18.99
I love a pair of fake eyelashes and these are so beautiful and plus their name involves my favorite thing... UNICORNS.

Iconic London Evo Contour and Conceal make-up brush set... £42.99.
I have some sort of make up brush obsession and have been dying for these brushes for so long! I know they're a lot of money but they're worth it.

Lash Magnifique in Jasmine... £25.99
Again another pair of lashes I would love to add to my beauty collection. Absolutely delightful.

I'm also looking for a new highlighter and a decent black eye shadow, if you have any recommendations let me know!

Until next time xxx

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