My Sisters Keeper - Book Review

4 October 2016

Greetings all.

Now, I've never been able to concentrate on reading a book (unless it was The Very Hungry Caterpillar). I know when I am interested in a book because I can start to imagine it in my head, the scenes, what they all look like, what they sound like. I have previously tried to read 'Muddle Earth' and a book about fairies (it was an adult book I swear!) But I just couldn't get into them. I tried and tried to find an adult book to read that I would like.

I have a friend at work who I have known for years and she has millions of books at home and she brought me a pile down from her room to look at to see which one I would want to read as it started to get quiet at work and we had nothing to do. I picked a book.. and I am SO glad I chose this book...

My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult was an incredible book to read and I wish I could read it again! In a nutshell, one daughter has Leukemia and the only way to keep her alive is to donate bone marrow, blood etc. so they design a baby who is a perfect match to the daughter that's ill. By the time the designed daughter is 13 she has had enough of donating and sue's her parents for the rights to her own body. (I'm not going to tell you the ending, I'm still getting over it.)

I enjoy watching TV shows like 'Law and Order: Special Victims Unit' where they have court cases which I have never understood, testifying, objecting. But going through it in the book in so many points of view (oh yeah, each chapter is from the prospective of another person) it is so much easier to understand all the court case jargon and terminology.

If you are looking for a book to read this one is amazing. As I said each chapter is a different character so you really get to feel how each character feels. You can really put yourself in that persons shoes and it does pull on the heart strings a lot of the time so be prepared.

I'm yet to watch the film to compare them, apparently the ending in the film is different to the book so that should be interesting!

Have you read this book? - let me know your thoughts!


  1. This sounds like a really good read! I may have to pick this up!

  2. I've seen the film and it was so sad! Never thought to read the book but it does sound good, great post :)

    Tiffany x

  3. I have heard of this and debating reading it before, but I think I would end up an emotional wreck haha! Good review though, perhaps I'll try and grab a copy :) xxx

  4. I've definitely heard of this, I mean who hasn't?! I've been flip-flopping as to whether or not to give it a go but your review's persuaded me, and it's also an amazing review by the way!!

    - Chloe

  5. This book sounds great! I've never really been into books like this but this one seems really interesting xx


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