DIY Halloween Costume on a Budget - 2015

16 October 2016

Hello lovelies.

I thought, seeing as it's coming up to Halloween I would share with you all last years DIY Halloween costume for you all for people who are on a budget and can't decide on what to be for a Halloween party. 

Last year I searched Pinterest until ungodly hours of the morning looking for Halloween ideas but I couldn't find any. I was on a budget and everything I found was about £40. Until, I thought, what old costumes do I have that I could alter? I saw a video on Facebook for easy Zombie make-up and I decided right, I'll be a zombie something, easy peasy. I looked in my wardrobe and found my prom dress and then it hit me like a bus.


I had a shit prom. I hated my dress, I had a migraine all night, my hair dropped out of its curls after 10 minutes. It was awful. Plus I only brought my dress off eBay for about £30 so what better way to get its full use than cut it up and burn parts of it?!

I done my make up on myself using the make-up I already owned. The crown I bought was from Claire's Accessories which I snapped pieces off of it (like Kady from mean girls) burnt a few pieces and put blood on it. The only other thing I had a to buy was the fake blood and white contacts (which always complete the zombie look). In total I think I spent around £18. Bargain compared to a full costume.

I was very happy with the final look -

This just shows you can make use of old costumes and just become a zombie anything. If I end up going to a Halloween party this year I'll keep you all up-to-date on a new DIY costume because I hate buying them, they are extortionate prices. It will probably be another zombie something because I love doing the make up (I'd love to do special effects make up).

2013 DIY Halloween costume (not sure what I did 2014... absolutely no idea) - Zombie Mechanic -me, front & Zombie Secretary - Emily, back. 2015 make up was 100% better!

I'd love to see your DIY Halloween Costumes/Make-up - show me them on Twitter - @courtwritesblog.

Speak soon, 

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