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24 September 2016

Hello to everyone who actually reads my blog, 

I just want to update you on my day because I am really proud of what I have produced. 

I have always loved baking, cakes, quiche, sausage rolls, and I have been told in the past that I make delicious fairy cakes from my nanny's recipe. I can bake the actual cakes to perfection (wow, my head has just enlarged significantly) but what I can't do and have never been able to do is ice them. Oh gosh, it's always been like a 3 year old's icing. I could never get the consistency right with the normal icing sugar and water mix, or for butter frosting. 

It was driving me insane trying to get icing to look nice and not like a child's, which was incredibly hard. 

Until today, I produced these half-decent pipe-iced cupcakes with my best pal Chloe using butter frosting and a slight light blue food coloring.  

Hope my blog photography is getting better...

My fairy cake ingredients - for 24 cupcakes.
8oz - Self raising flour
8oz - Caster sugar
8oz - Stork butter
4 - Eggs

I am so proud of my icing on these cakes, I know its not a big deal to some people but to me it is. Its the perfect consistency, the perfect piping and obviously a perfect sponge (and now my head wont fit through a door frame). 

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Love all you people who actually read my blog!

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  1. They look so good, I am really hungry having seen these pictures haha. So glad I came across your blog, it's really lovely and I hope you keep up your wonderful work! x


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