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30 September 2016

Hello you beautiful people.

Who wants good eyebrows? I have the best products to get the perfect brows and I want to share them with you so you can have the perfect brow.

My eyebrows are quite dark anyway so I don't need to do too much to them, they just need slightly defining (like the selfie to the right of the blog post). I got recommended this product by a friend as I was looking for something better than I already had. I am so glad I listened to her and brought it. For £19.50, its pretty good value for something magical. I bet you're all desperate to know what it is? I mean who doesn't want their eyebrows to look good?

Ok, so I was looking at getting just the one product but the sales lady twisted my arm (not literally) and I ended up buying 2 brow products and I'm pleased I did.

Benefit KaBrow in shade 4 and Benefit Ready Set Brow. These items are delightful, and £19.50 each, a bit of a bargain if you ask me.

The KaBrow is a brown gel dependent on your eyebrow-hair color, mine is shade 4 as I have rather dark hair (kind of like a gorilla). Its so smooth and I would definitely use the term less is more for this product as you only need a tiny bit on the brush that comes with it and it will go for ages, keeping its color as well. Its is a 24 hour, waterproof eyebrow gel, trying to get this off is like trying to get blood form a stone.

The Ready Set Brow product is a clear gel which, if like me you have long eyebrow hairs, set your eyebrow hairs down so they aren't all crazy and make you look like Albert Einstein - no one wants that! This product is also 24 hour wear and waterproof so your brows will look sassy af alllll night.

I would highly recommend these brow tools! Definitely better than the eyebrow kit I used to use which was mentioned in my 'Don't let today be a waste of make-up' post which is accessible on the link below...
Link to my first make-up post
Have you used these? - What did you think?

love you all lots xox

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