Benefit Concealer Review

12 September 2016

Hello my lovelies,

Today I will be reviewing Benefit's concealer pack, which is worth £65 but I got it for £19.50 (bargain). 

Now, I suffer with horrendous dark circles under my eyes, like they hang down to my boobs, and I have been searching and searching for a good covering concealer for months on end and I finally found it and it's called Life's Little Corrector. 

The pack comes with 3 small compact concealers. The first 2 have a yellow color corrector, Lemon-Aid, which is what I apply first (to make me look like a Simpson). I apply this with a tiny beauty blender, just dabbing it around my eyes to get a smooth surface to apply the concealer to.  

Both of these compact cases have a concealer in as well, in a light(01) and natural color(02) called Boi-ing, and they both work as good as each other. I will then apply one of these colors, whichever I fancy on the day (living life on the edge) the same way I apply the color correcter, with a tiny beauty blender. Again, just dabbing it around my eye (try not to punch yourself in the eye doing this). 

The 3rd compact case includes an 'Erase Paste' and an 'Eye Bright'. The erase paste is sort of a thicker concealer for when my eyes feel extra dark and dingy. and the Eye Bright is more of a highlighting paste, but I don't use this often. 

I don't just use these concealers for my eyes if I am feeling extra crazy on the day I will use it around my brows just to keep them looking fleeky. By the way I have some eyebrow products I will be sharing with you all at a later date.

Anyway back to this concealer, it is completely and utterly wonderful! I don't walk around with a months worth of shopping under my eyes anymore and it is definitely worth the money.. but lets be honest it's not expensive! I would, without any question, recommend this product to anyone with dark circles.

The best part about it? - If you are going on a night out, they so small they fit in your clutch bag and they're so handy if you need a quick touch up.

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