August Update...

1 September 2016

It's me again, I know I know it has been a while but I have been constantly busy through August and I am here to tell you what I have been up to!

Are you ready?

So, on the first weekend of August I went to a Hawaiian BBQ with Jack's friends (you know, the "lads") and their girlfriends and it was such a funny night. We had food, alcohol, flamingo drink holders, coconut cups, grass skirts, Hawaiian shirts, flip flops, flowery necklaces and you can't forget the limbo competition! - which I sadly lost *cry*.

The second weekend in August I was working, yes that's right I work both Saturday and Sunday, 9-5pm (feel sorry for me).

Ok, now the 3rd weekend was a big one. I have been wanting to go to a weekend festival for years! A few years back I brought a ticket to Reading Festival when Eminem was playing, buzzing. Then the people I was going with bailed, fuming. I then didn't get a chance to go to any other festivals. I did book to go to Holi Festival of colors and fell out with the person I was meant to be going with...

My life hates me...

I finally booked another festival earlier this year and I managed to go with the same people I booked with (round of applause for me!) I went to V festival, Aaaand I hated it. We went on the Friday, got drunk, had a boogy at the Radio 1 stage and saw DJ's like Mistajam, DJ EZ and Annie Mac and I experienced my first mosh pit which was fun. Was in bed that night by 10pm. On the Saturday we woke up and spent 6 hours at the Virgin Media stage and saw Mike Posner, James Morrison, STORMZYYY and my girl crush JESS GLYNNE! After Jess Glynne was on we had to be pulled from the front of the crowd by medics because we couldn't breath. After this we went back to the tent and we was ready for bed by 7pm... it took us 3/4 hours to make a big decision. We was ready to just go home, the other two just wanted a cup of tea, I wanted my anxiety to sort its life out and this festival was not helping.

We went home on the Saturday night, and I'm not even bothered about saying it anymore. My anxiety took over and we left - still saw Jess Glynne so I'm happy. Judge me all you like but festivals are not a place for people with anxiety. I just completely underestimated the amount of people that was going to be there and I couldn't deal with people constantly walking around my tent when i was trying to sleep. Nope, not again.

Finally the last weekend in August I went camping (and before you say anything it was totally different to festival camping!) There was 6 of us, 3 couples, cute little triple camping date. We Camped at a place called Badgells Wood in Meopham where you get your own campsite just for yourselves with a little place for a fire and it was such a funny few days, drinking, whittling, napping, food, sleeping... did I mention drinking?!

I am now back at work with nothing else planned and have August (but not festival) blues.

Until next time :)

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