Lake District surprise

3 August 2016

Oh hi guys, it's been a while but I'm back now.

If you didn't already know its been my birthday and I have been spoilt rotten by my boyfriend and my best friend and here I am to tell you all about it. 

I'm not a great fan of surprises as I never know if I need to bring things, what attire to wear, if its a smart occasion, casual or an activity, So we will start with my boyfriends surprise. I'll put up another post about my best friends surprise.

About a month ago he told me to get some days off work so we could spend time together for my birthday (cute). He made up the excuse that he was supposed to go on a "course" for work but he has already done it so they let him have it as holiday which I thought was weird. Anyway, so my birthday was 22nd July. It got to the 20th and and Jack wouldn't finalize any plans with me to do something on our days off, I had a feeling something was going on. 

The night before he said 'we will wake up early and go back to mine then decide on what to do for the day' (he lives at my house). I thought this was odd because it's not something we would usually do. My feeling started to get stronger. We left home at 8 am and we got in his car and his sat-nav said '308 miles to go' and I asked why, he made up an excuse that it always says that... with a smirk on his face.

We started driving and he drove in the complete opposite direction to his house... this was it. My surprise I had been working myself up over was finally happening!! 

Jacks car, brooom broom


We made it, unknowingly to me, I thought we would have to do that drive again later. But then, Jack handed me a piece of paper which stated '2 night stay at the Lake District Damson Dene Hotel and Spa, lake cruise and 3 course dinner'. The first thing to come out of my mouth was 'BUT I HAVEN'T PACKED A BAG?!!?' and being the cute little human he is, pulled a suitcase from the boot of his car with clothes and a smart outfit for our 3 course dinner. My heart melted, no one has ever put this much effort into my birthday before. 

We had full access to the spa facilities, and I LOVE a spa! He upgraded to get us a cruise across Lake Windermere and a full 3 course dinner at the hotel which I will say was beautiful!

So on the Wednesday when we arrived we went down to the spa for about an hour, then went back to our room, chucked some clothes on and found our way to the lake so we knew where to go the next day. We explored around the little town for a bit and went to the lake, words cannot describe how stunning the views were. It is such an amazing place, the views just went on and on right into the distance.

Lake Windermere. 
On the Thursday we went on our cruise across the lake. There were 3 routes we could take and we (or well, I) chose the route that lead to the AQUARIUM! 

Should have probably taken a jumper.. was a little windy...

Front of the boat
It took 40 minutes to get to the aquarium on this boat, Jack even had time for a hot chocolate on board. We went to Lakeside Aquarium, which was a lot smaller than I expected but I saw so many animals I have never seen but wanted to see. I saw Otters, which are bigger than I thought. We also saw Pygmy Marmoset Monkeys (the most adorable monkeys EVER!) And finally, I know it's not as exciting but I have always wanted to see one, a star fish.


When we got back from the aquarium we got a boat of our own, yep, I drove my own little boat across the lake!! The sights were even more incredible and the noise of the little petrol boat was even louder the longer we was on it. 

Pro boat driver, 

After the boat we had a game of tennis.. that's right, tennis. I lost a ball. We had fish and chips for dinner and on our way back to the car we brought some duck food for back at the hotel. The hotel was home to at least 40 or more ducks which would run towards you if you had food. I stroked a duck and they're so soft!! We then went for a late night spa session and then went to bed and watched a film. 

It was then my birthday! 20 YEARS OLD, I'm finally an adult. It was time to go home so we went down to the restaurant for breakfast (which we had both mornings for free and was a buffet!) Jack and I love a good breakfast! We then departed straight away for our long journey home... another 6 hours. 

I cannot thank him enough for all of his planning and secrecy to make my birthday the most perfect one since I lost my dad. Thank you so much!

Hope you have enjoyed this post I know its been a long one but who cares! 

Peace out!

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