Go Ape surprise

13 August 2016

Ok, so hopefully you have all read my previous post about the lake district surprise... (my boyfriend is better than yours)

Now it's for my second surprise (my best friend is also better than yours).

My bestfriend, Chloe, and boyfriend, Jack, are so sneaky and secretive, not too keen on this I must say, only joking!

They kept this from me for such a long time and they were really good about not giving me any clues or ideas. Everyone knew apart from me...

Until Chloe, being the idiot that she is, let it slip before we left my house to go there. She came to mine to pick Jack and I up and we was sat on the sofa just chatting and then she said 'yeah, when I went to Go Ape before my friend said we should do it drunk'. DING DING DING WE WERE GOING TO GO APE!!!!

At this point I was BUZZING! But a small part of me was telling me that this comment was a decoy and we wasn't going to go ape but I was still excited, I mean who wouldn't be. It's never good to lie and keep secrets from someone with high anxiety and a million phobia's because my anxiety was sky high.

We drove and drove, not as long as the 6 hour lake district drive, it was only 40 minutes but they were telling the truth when Chloe stupidly let it slip! We were doing Go Ape.

Pretty harness right?

So we did all the training bits, got touched up by an instructor when putting on the harnesses, and we was ready to go round on our own with no supervision.. obviously health and safety was is a priority at this place HA. 

I had recently been suffering with Labrinthitis which is inflammation of the inner ear and it badly affects balance... this and Go Ape was not a good combination, if I wasn't attached to something at all times I probably would have fallen off a tree. Apart from this I really enjoyed myself. There were 4 tree top courses to do and each one got higher and harder. I didn't realise I had a tiny fear of heights untill the last course.

At the end of each course there was a zip wire back to the ground. The last zip wire was the highest and I was very reluctant to step off the edge. I had been fine with heights the whole way round but this last zip wire was something else. I checked over and over and over and over again that I had clipped everything on and it wasn't going to come off but I was still very hesitant. 

But as you all know, I have been smashing my fears over the last 18 months and I braved it and stepped off the edge of the platform! (fear, what fear?)

I don't know what came over me, I have never been scared of heights. Anyway, we all smashed it and no one was injured so that was a success. We all had such a good work out and we then went to the drive thru (winning). 

I would like to thank my best*hoe*friend Chloe for arranging such a good, funny day out for my birthday! I now have to top it for yours in October... BE PREPARED!

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