NYX Cream matte lip gloss.

17 July 2016

Today I want to do a review on the NYX matte lip gloss. If you read my previous make up post 'Don't let today be a waste of make up' you will know I love my matte lippy from MAC in shade velvet teddy so the NYX matte lip gloss had a very high standard to live up to as I love my MAC lipstick.

So I spoilt myself again (I know, I have no self control) and bought two NYX soft matte lip cream lip glosses in shades 09 Abu Dhabi and 04 London along with a NYX lip liner in shade Nude suede shoes. I decided to go for a more nude colour as it is the in thing at the moment and I must say I'm not overly impressed...

It's not like the MAC lipstick which is a lot more moisturizing and stays creamy for a really long time but still gives the matte effect. The NYX lip glosses dry very quickly and made my lips go all dry and cracked. The NYX lip gloss isn't very highly pigmented I found as well, it colour is quite thin and you have to do a few coats to see the colour. It also wears off easily, whereas... MAC doesn't (can you tell I like MAC?). It's not something I would go out of my way to buy more of, but it is a nice colour and I will still wear it. I wouldn't highly recommend using the matte lip gloss from NYX, it's not as good as everyone says. Not exactly sure why other people rave about it. 

In conclusion if you want a matte lipstick, just go and buy MAC, the colour lasts ages, it is highly pigmented and it just looks and feels better on your lips. Which I am sure you all want as you don't want to look like the ugly step sister off Shrek. 

PS. The NYX lip glosses smell like vanilla, gross.

Love ya's xox

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