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1 July 2016

Hello you beautiful people,

Todays beauty review is for Ardell individual cluster lashes, short and medium in length and the Ardell individual lash glue in black.

So I got paid more than I expected this month so I thought I would treat myself (even if I didn't get paid a lot I would still treat myself, I'm just that kind). I hate shopping by myself because I go out and buy unnecessary items, plus my anxiety goes through the roof when I shop alone.

I have previously tried the Eyelure cluster lashes with the eyelure glue and they were really easy to put on and looked natural. So I thought I would pop to Sallys (hair and beauty shop) and look and some proper sets and professional glue. I saw the Ardell ones and they looked amzing. I bought 2 packs, one in a short length and the other in medium. I then picked up the Ardell glue in black as I have heard the black glue is better for individual eyelashes.

When I previously used the Eyelure lashes my friend wanted me to do hers but I didn't have enough so I made sure there was enough to do hers this time. That evening she came over and I did my own to show her what they looked like and they were really pretty. They made my eyelashes look so much thicker and longer, I was in love! She let me do hers (bare in mind this was the first time I had done eyelashes on another person and this girl is a beauty therapist) - the pressure was on!!

I did the first eye...

Then the second...

I'm not going to lie, I did a pretty good job and I was extremely proud of myself! However, I went to bed that evening for a few hours as Jack and I had to get up early to take my mum and her friend to the airport. I was asleep for all of about 3 hours maximum and by the time I woke up at 2:30am, half of the eyelashes had come off one eye.. livid. I then tried to make sure the others were all still intact and more fell off into my hand.

I sent a message to my friend telling her mine had come off in my sleep and she said hers had too...I would recommend the eyelashes to anyone as they are just beautiful, just make sure you get a different glue as the one I bought is pants and a waste of money.

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