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12 July 2016

I know how much you all like getting to know me so here is some more...

A is for // Apples
I love Granny Smith Apples dipped in sugar.

B is for // Boxing
I have never really been interested in boxing as fighting makes my anxiety go nuts. However, since being with my boyfriend he has introduced me to so many things I would have never even thought twice about and now, I LOVE BOXING and the Rocky films are some of my favorites. My favorite quote comes from Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI)!

C is for // Chloe
This girl is my ride or die. It's always important to have someone around you that you can trust and will listen to your problems even if their busy. Someone who you can not see for weeks and as soon as you do meet it's like you have never been apart. (if you read this I love you hoe)

D is for // Dale
This boy was the most gentle and kind person I have ever met, he was my bestie, my un-biological brother. He was very cheeky but never meant anything by it (unless you was me). Sadly he was taken from our lives on the 15.O1.2O15 and he will be missed by everyone who knew him for the rest of our lives.

E is for //Eczema
Since I can remember I have always had a problem with eczema and if you know, then you know, it's not the prettiest, in fact, it is the bane of my life. It looks vile, feels vile and can be itchy as helllll.

F is for // Food
I love food, more than words can describe. Seafood, Italian food, Chinese, English, I cannot stand Indian food or desserts.

G is for // Goats
In the future I would love to own a Pygmy Goat. I would treat it like a dog or a cat and let it roam the house. They're just too adorable when they're babies you just can't resist them.

H is for // Heisenberg
This is the name of my baby Hermann's Tortoise. He is the smallest and cutest animal I have ever seen. And don't be fooled by "the hare and the tortoise" story, they are quick little movers.

I is for // Iceland
I will go to Iceland and see the Nothern Lights before I die.

J is for // Jack
This boy is my rock. My longest relationship to date, 18 months and still as stong as ever. He has changed me as a person (not in a bad controlling way). I am a happier person, he has helped me defeat some of my irrational fears. He has changed me for the better, and I love him more than words can decribe.

K is for // Kipper
One of my many many nicknames from Jack.

L is for // Loopy
Something I am 100%.

M is for // Mummy
I do not know what I would do without this woman in my life, she is like my bestfriend and mum all wrapped up into one. Thank you for everything you have done for me mum, I LOVE YOU.

N is for // Nipple

O is for // Orlando
I will live in America and if I had my way it would be Orlando, Florida, it is my happy place.

P is for // Pizza
Pizza is life. If someone made me choose between Pizza Hut and Dominoes it would be Dominoes 100%, there would be no hesitation. Any chance I get I will buy pizza, medium Mixed Grill with stuffed crust and a garlic and herb big dip!

Q is for // Quavers
I do love a delightful pack of quavers every now and again!

R is for // Rudi
I have always been scared of dogs (surprise, another fear of mine) and when I was younger my parents thought it would be a good idea to get a dog. All four of us went to view him and he was a King Charles Cavalier Spainel, and at this time I was scared of any sized dog so was absolutley cacking myself, but it was the best decision we ever made and I loved him so much, even thought he snored as loud as me. Unfortunatly he isn't with us anymore he is in dog heaven, love you rudes.

S is for // Sister
If you have an older sister, you can either get on and be bestfriends or if you're 16 months apart it's more a love hate relationship, and everyday is a bit like marmite you either love or hate eachother.

T is for // Tosssa De Mar
This is the place Jack and I went on our first holiday as a couple and my first holiday without my mumma at the age of 19.

U is for // Unicorns
Who doesn't like unicorns, come on, they poo rainbows, sneeze glitter and can stab idiots with their head, who doesn't want to be one.

V is for // Victor
I love my dad more than anyone in the world.When he was taken from us it has left the biggest hold in my heart since. He was the most amazing and inspirational man I have ever met and I am glad he is no longer in pain but I know he is still with me.

W is for // Work
I have had 3 different jobs now, I have worked in a supermarket, the motor trade and now in insurance. My dream job would be to work in photography and media.

X is for // X-Ray
I had an x-ray on my hips as they were causing me a lot of pain, I had my hips pierced and a dream catcher belly bar in and the radiographer said I had a decorative belly.

Y is for // Yellow
My favorite colour! It is just such a bright and happy colour!

Z is for // Zebra
I have always liked zebra's not exactly sure why...

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