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24 June 2016

Good evening my lovers,

Tonight I am going to be reviewing a teeth whitener, enjoy!

So, I have never exactly been comfortable with how I look (I mean, is anyone, really?). A couple of years back I brought a teeth whitener with the gum shield, gel and UV light. I tried it a few times unaware that these gel whitening kits rip the enamel off your teeth!! DO NOT use them! At one point the gel burnt my gums so bad I could hardly brush my teeth.
I then thought there was no way to get my teeth whiter unless I somehow become rich and get veneers (very slim chance). 




Veneers or Tooth Polish...

I now like to do my research on these things before I make a purchase. So, I did as much research as I possibly could before I brought this product. I looked as so many reviews, ratings, pictures, comparisons, videos, comments and honestly I didn't find one negative review. I then came to the 'f*ck it' decision and brought it, not knowing when I have to use it whether it's daily, weekly, with water, without water etc. Best decision I have ever made. I received it the day after I purchased it, just before my holiday with all the instructions and answers to the questions I had. I used it the 3 days before I went on holiday and like anything you do, there isn't an immediate difference. 

I then had my holiday and blah blah blah

I came back and have now been using it daily for 2 and a half weeks.

What does it feel like? - It's and odd feeling and being black charcoal it obviously doesn't look attractive, making your whole mouth go black. It's just a rough feeling but it's not horrible and uncomfortable. After brushing with the polish for 2 minutes and all the black stuff is gone, your teeth feel squeaky clean. 

Does it work? - So, as I said its not like you brush with it once and you practically have veneers, you have to keep brushing daily for 2 minutes each time for at least 1 week to see a difference. (Also don't be like me and forget to take a before photo as it takes longer to notice a difference). After 2 and a half weeks I'm only starting to see a difference but that is because I didn't have before picture to look back on. However, the difference hit me like a tonne of bricks, my teeth were suddenly whiter. 

What does it taste like? - Nothing. It's meant to have peppermint oil in, which made me believe that it would taste just like toothpaste or chewing gum. You can slightly taste the peppermint but not as much as I initially expected. It doesn't taste horrible if you guys are worried about that!

Overall, I would 100% recommend this product to anyone looking for a teeth whitener, DO NOT buy the gels and UV light whiteners, BUY THIS INSTEAD! If you buy this you will not regret it. It was between £18 and £20 (I can't remember how much as it was an impulse buy, oops). Use this for 2 minutes and then brush your teeth with normal toothpaste as some black bits can get stuck in your teeth. But, as I said this product is a must have if you are uncomfortable with the colour of your teeth. I cannot live without this now its just part of my daily routine. 

(I tried to put a video here but it didn't work, it's on my twitter if interested!)

TIP - do not use this after your mum has just bleached the bathroom sink.. it doesn't go down too well, as it does make a mess. Sorry mum xox


  1. Appreciate the review because I had my concerns about this product. Although it says on the package what to expect, you really need to try it to get a feel for it. I was concerned about the taste, so thank you for letting me know that it really has no taste. I can live with the peppermint taste if that is the only thing.

    Joanna @ Westheimer Dentist

  2. I came across this product on Instagram,(don't know how) and now I really want it!
    Las| Alawafoxbeauty|

  3. Do you know for sure that the charcoal isn't abrasive on enamel? This is the only thing holding me back from purchasing 🤔


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