20 facts about.. you guessed it.. ME.

16 June 2016

So, I thought I would let you guys know a bit more about me, ready? 

1. I'm 19 (almost 20)

2. I lived in South East London for 10 years of my life.

3. I now live in Kent (big difference!!)

4. I like unicorns.

5. Archers and Lemonade is my favourite summer drink. 

6. Pinterest is life. 

7. Boyfriend is called Jack.

8. I love chocolate.

9. Best friends name is Chloe.

10. I've been to Florida, Orlando 7 times. 

11. I'm terrified of insects and bugs (anthing that crawls or has wings).

12. I have a pet tortoise called (Heisenberg/the little boy).

13. I work in travel insurance. 

14. I have a Cocker Spaniel X Labrador dog called Radley.

15. I love eating. 

16. I went to 3 primary schools. 

17. I took my 11+ and 13+ and failed both (HA!).

18. I love fresh fruit smoothies in the morning. 

19. Baking is my hobby (sausage rolls and cakes).

and finally...

20. Im a brown eyes and brown hair kind of gallll. 

Random facts I know but when you think about writing facts you have so many ideas and when it comes down to it you mind goes blank. This has taken me about 25 minutes to write because i had a mind block half way down and I almost gave up.


Hope you enjoyed my facts..

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